What is interpretation? Interpretation is the conveyance of a message from one language to another while

at the same time maintaining the original register, tone, style, and intentions of the speaker. Interpretation
is an art not a science. There are many, many ways of saying what you mean. How can you be sure that
what you want to say is coming across to the other person exactly how you intend it to be? Our interpreters
have the skill and experience to make sure your message doesn’t get lost in the translation.

Syntex Interpreters are:

• Native speakers of the target language.

• Many have at least 5 years of experience as a professional interpreter.

• Certified by the Judicial Council of California Court Interpreters Program (JCCCIP)
(Please note, some languages are not certifiable).

• Tested and verified by an independent third party such as the JCCCIP, or the Monterey Institute of
International Studies (MIIS).

• Are trained in the skills of interpretation by an independent third party such as the 40 hour, Connecting
Worlds Healthcare Interpreter Training Program, the MIIS or the JCCCIP.
Syntex provides onsite or over the phone interpretation in the following settings:

• Medical appointments

• Large meetings and conferences

• Legal proceedings

• Immigration hearings

• Business transactions